BANNER Our Mission and Values

Our Mission & Values

Center Pointe’s mission is a restating of Jesus' Great Commandment.  It is a simple statement that defines our objective as a church and expresses what drives and guides our every ministry.  This is not just a corporate statement, but an expectation of every Christ follower.  Our values are the timeless principles that guide our behaviors and decisions as a church.

Our Mission…

Love, Serve, Lead

Relying on the Holy Spirit, we will be disciples who Love God Radically, Serve Others Compassionately, and Lead People To Jesus.

Our Values...

Grace and Truth
We believe the best way to love people is by sharing biblical truth while showing unconditional grace.  We hold onto the tension of both because that was the way of Jesus.

We believe life is a spiritual journey of pursuing more of Jesus. Growth happens best in the context of community where we can worship, study, pray, and serve together.

We believe radical generosity is normal behavior for everybody who follows Jesus.  We give in a way that only makes sense in light of God’s grace.

We believe life is best lived in authentic relationships where we can be known, loved, encouraged, and cared for by others because discipleship is a “we” experience, not “me” experience. Everybody needs somebody because nobody should walk alone.

We believe family is the foundational community.  Regardless of a family’s shape, we’re all shaped by family, and so we make strengthening and resourcing families a priority.

We believe every follower of Jesus is called and equipped to be fully engaged in the mission of making disciples.  To that end, we exercise our spiritual gifts, relational capital, and personal proximity to be good news to the people around us.