BANNER Our Mission and Values

Our Mission & Values

Center Pointe’s mission is simply a restating of Jesus' Great Commandment.  in Matthew 22:37-40 and Luke 10:25-37 and His Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20.  It is a simple statement that defines our objective as a church and expresses what drives and guides every ministry.  This is not just a corporate statement, but an expectation of every Christ follower.  Our values are the timeless principles that guide our behaviors and decisions as a church.


Our Mission…

Relying on the Holy Spirit we will be disciples who Love God Radically, Serve Others Compassionately, and Lead People To Jesus


Our Values…

Biblical Authority
We believe the Bible is God's written message to us and serves as our final authority for decisions and actions.


Prayer Dependency
We rely on prayer to seek the Holy Spirit's guidance, provision, and power in all we do.


Intentional Ministry
We focus our ministry efforts and resources strategically where God is working.


Faithful Stewardship
We leverage the time, talent, and resources God has provided faithfully, obediently and sacrificially.


Authentic Community
We pursue God's purpose in unity and transparency.


Excellence In All Things
We give our very best efforts in everything we do for the glory and honor of God who gave his very best for us.