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ThrivePointe is not your typical counseling center. ThrivePointe therapists are very relationship-focused and emphasize the use of treatments that are shown by science to be effective. We also check your progress often so we can adjust your treatment as needed. We have therapists for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. We also offer relationship and parent coaching.

The following services are provided through this partnership:


Therapy should be a safe place; a relationship that is compassionate and effective. Our therapists have advanced degrees, years of experience, and utilize evidence-based treatments in therapy to help you achieve lasting results.


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The Affordable Therapy Program helps people pay for quality therapy. We employ three strategies for making therapy affordable.


Lower Rates – ThrivePointe therapists are personally committed to making counseling affordable. Each of them has a designated number of sessions they offer at reduced rates.


Impact Partners – Center Pointe Christian Church has partnered with ThrivePointe to generously offer time-limited rate reductions based on a sliding fee scale.


Counseling Interns – To reduce rates even further, we recruit the best of the best advanced counseling interns who are able to offer very low cost sessions to those with the greatest need.


Learn more about the Affordable Therapy Program.


No matter where you’re coming from, our counselors are here to offer you a steady, compassionate partner to help you see the path ahead and get you where you want to be.

Ready to start your journey call 513-914-4688 or schedule online.


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Free and paid counseling and support groups will be offered at both church locations throughout the year.  They are designed to help you experience a deeper sense of connection and recovery in variety of topics.  Groups usually meet for about 90 minutes over 8 weeks.


Learn more about upcoming counseling groups and how to RSVP.


We want to be a part of your marriage journey; helping you to put God at the center, and equipping you to nurture a strong connection. We’ve partnered with ThrivePointe Counseling to connect you to Christian counselors who specialize in premarital and couples counseling. 


Qualifying Couples

  • Couples with at least 1 CPCC member (regardless of wedding location or officiating pastor)
  • Couples getting married at CPCC (with a CPCC pastor officiating)

Cost & Requirements 

  • PREPARE Assessment required ($35 paid by couple) 
  • $100 per Premarital Counseling Session
    • First 3 sessions required (paid by couple)
    • Additional 3 sessions optional (paid by Center Pointe, our gift to you to invest in your marriage!)

What to expect in Premarital Counseling…

Better Together Premarital Counseling Program 

With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, it’s essential that couples make an investment in the health of their marriage.  Premarital counseling has been found to reduce the rate of divorce by 30%! Taking time to understand yourself, your partner, and the relationship moves you toward the strong and passionate connection you long for. Start your lifelong adventure together on the right foot.



Take the PREPARE assessment and get a report with a wealth of information about your relationship. The PREPARE is an evidence based assessment and is one of the most widely researched assessment tools available for couples.  



Review your assessment results and identify aspects of your relationship to celebrate and develop further during your premarital sessions.



To help you prepare for more than your wedding day, your therapist will walk you through important conversations about personality, finances, sex and intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, family of origin, hopes and dreams, and more to make sure you are empowered to connect and work together.


Free and paid workshops will be offered to help leaders, parents, spouses, and others upskill their ability to connect and have better relationships.