First Step BANNER

First Step

What's My First Step?

At Center Pointe there is so much more for you than just attending, we want you to find community and be part of the incredible things God is doing here.


With this in mind, we’ve created the “First Step,” it's all about getting you better connected to Center Pointe.



“Where do I start?”

This is a question that is asked often in regards to finding out more about Center Pointe’s values, beliefs, mission, baptism, discipleship development and partnership.


When does First Step Happen?

First Step is scheduled multiple times a year and requires registration.  You can register online at, or on our church app.


What time and where does it meet?

10:30 in Room 218.  Room 218 is located on the second floor from the main worship center.  Building signage will guide you.


Who facilitates First Step?

Various staff and ministry leaders facilitate first step.


Is there a cost?

There is no cost for this class


What ages can take the class?

We recommend Jr. High and older based on the content.


What can I expect?

You can expect to hear about our history, leadership structure, mission, values, and our focus on discipleship and community life.  At the conclusion of First Step, you will have the next step option of going deeper by joining a partnership group.  In a partnership group, you will meet new people who are on the same journey, and together over a four week period explore in-depth what it means to be all in on our mission and discipleship culture.