BANNER Marriage

Marriage Ministry

Pre-Marital Counseling

The Counseling Ministry of Center Pointe Christian Church is pleased to offer couples an opportunity to strengthen their marriages before they even begin.


“Preparing for Marriage” will guide engaged couples through discussion and exploration of several key components of successful marriages.  Couples will benefit by learning more about one another as well as themselves and building skills that will last a lifetime.


Topics Will Include:

  • Expectations for Marriage
  • Commitment
  • Communication/Resolving Conflict
  • Boundaries for a Healthy Marriage
  • Finances
  • Faith
  • Physical Intimacy

“Preparing for Marriage” may be facilitated in a seminar format or individual couple sessions and will take place at Center Pointe Christian Church.


All couples married through CPCC are expected to participate in premarital counseling.  We also ask that permission be granted for the counselor and the minister to share information concerning the premarital counseling.


Fees are $125.00 per couple for the entire seminar.  Individual couple sessions may slightly increase fees.