At CPCC we want to be disciples who make disciples.  We desire for you to recognize the power God gives you as a follower of Jesus to draw people into a healthy family who lives on common mission together.  Our dream is to see all groups become a fun and loving group of people who call each other family while living on a committed and fulfilling mission together to help others.  We want to empower everyone to live out the good news of Jesus on this earth by balancing the right relationships to produce more disciples the way Jesus did.


In order to help everybody find a healthy place to live this out we have three different types of groups.  Small groups, Mid-sized groups and Missional Communities.


A Small Group is a group of 3 to 15 people who gather to help each other grow into fully devoted disciples of Jesus.   Their primary emphasis is on relationship both UP and IN, which is demonstrated by mutual accountability, prayer, and studying the Bible or other content to help them pursue God.  Meeting weekly at church, in homes or other locations, they intentionally build OUT relationships and invite people to join them as they follow Christ. 


A Mid-sized Group is a group of 15 to 75 people who help each other grow in community and truth as they follow Jesus.  They have a clear UP and IN focus through prayer and Bible study together and routinely break into small groups for mutual support and accountability.  Representing a mix of people from all stages of life they regularly serve OUT and use their collective giftedness to bless others with the love of God.


A Missional Community is a group of 15 to 50 people who exist to help people encounter the Good News of Jesus and grow into fully-devoted followers of Him.  The group has a clear mission OUT to live among a particular neighborhood or network of relationships and bless them with the presence of God.  While meeting both formally and informally to do UP and IN, they pursue transformation in others by living out the mission of Jesus together.


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