At CPCC we want to be disciples who make disciples.  We desire for you to recognize the power God gives you as a follower of Jesus to draw people into a healthy family who lives on common mission together.  Our dream is to see all groups become a fun and loving group of people who call each other family while living on a committed and fulfilling mission together to help others.  We want to empower everyone to live out the good news of Jesus on this earth by balancing the right relationships to produce more disciples the way Jesus did.


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Multiply Leadership Workshop

Saturday, January 27th, from 9:00am - 3:00pm here at Center Pointe Christian Church

Center Pointe's Groups Team highly values group leaders and the impact you have in the lives of those you lead. We've created a free workshop for group leaders led by seasoned leadership coaches. Filled with actionable tools and resources, this workshop offers you training that is practical, effective, and convenient. Seating is limited.


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