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Styled for Giving


Styled for Giving is an annual event sponsored by our Women's Ministry at Center Pointe and supports the work of International needs Ghana.  Our partnership began in 2006 when we came alongside International Needs Ghana to help with a project to free women who had been enslaved in a traditional ritualistic system known as Trokosi.  Working with the government of Ghana, this practice has become illegal and a system that enslaved women for hundreds, if not thousands, of years is no longer acceptable.


With the practice of Trokosi now illegal, IN Ghana has expanded this project to include women who are at risk of becoming involved in commercial sexual exploitation.  These women are identified and are welcomed into the Adidome Vocational Training Program, which teaches them to read and write the local language, provides them with nutritious meals, health care, counseling, clothing, and equips each woman with a skill, such as: dressmaking, baking and hairstyling.  These skills allow her to be self-sufficient and to eventually provide for herself and her children.


Child sponsorships are an important source of help for these women, as monthly sponsorship allows for the education of the children through the loving staff at IN Network schools.  Sponsorship also provides these children nutritious food, primary health care, safe water, and an opportunity to go to school.  Most of all, they are introduced to the healing love of a faithful God.  Other children, in the poorest of circumstances, are also at risk of being sold into servitude, to work jobs that are dangerous in order for their family to survive.  These children benefit greatly from the intervention of International Needs, and are also welcomed into the schools where they are cared for and educated.


In 2014, we were given the opportunity to changes the lives of students, teachers, families, villages and we’re praying, the nation of Ghana.  One Student-One Bible is an initiative that will put bibles into the hands of each and every student and bible in every International Needs Schools in Ghana.  We raised $45,000 at Styled for Giving this year and through a generous matching grant, we were able to provide $90,000 for the One Student-One Bible Initiative.  


In its 12-year history, the Styled for Giving event has raised a combined total of over $325,000 to make a difference in the lives of women and children in Ghana.  Over those years we have secured sponsorships for over 300 children in the remote village that International Needs Ghana serves.  Seeing a need, allowing your heart to be touched, and rallying people to make a real difference in tangible ways... This is what it means to SERVE OTHERS COMPASSIONATELY.  A big thanks to all those who helped make the event a success!


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