BANNER WBS Testimonies

Women's Bible Study Testimonials


We have created an environment of authenticity, confidentiality and wonderful female companionship all focused around the Word of God and it’s transforming power when applied to our lives.  So, whether this is your first-ever study or you’re a veteran to women’s studies, this study is for you! Here’s what women who have participated are saying...


“I have hope, a sense of belonging, and I feel loved and cherished. I am becoming free from bondage and open to healing, ready to live “where the Spirit of the Lord is…” – in freedom!”   CANDY


“Being new to the area and new to Center Pointe, women’s study has helped me to connect with some godly women and grow in my walk with God. It has also helped hold me accountable to spending time in God’s Word and to praying for others.”   BETH


“My faith in God and my prayer life have been strengthened. I am more committed to keeping my daily reading of the Word a top priority. Meeting, sharing and discussion with my sisters in Christ has given balance and real joy to my life.”   PEGGY


 “Women’s Bible Study has helped me to put my focus back on God during my daily activities—trusting Him to provide all I need for each day and to let HIM be in control.”   KIM


 “The studies at Center Pointe Women’s Bible Study have been right on target for what I need. I’ve done Bible studies for many years, but these in-depth studies have not only helped me look deeply at my life and relationship with Jesus, but has also given me tangible ways to make it stronger. I’m so grateful for how God is using this group for me to grow closer to and stronger in Him.”   CHRIS