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Women's Bible Study

The Power of God’s Names by Tony Evans

The PM study begins January 9th at 7pm in the Upper Worship Center, and the AM study begins January 10th at 9:30am in the Upper Worship Center.  Register now!





Thank you for your interest in women’s bible study at Center Pointe Christian Church.  Our purpose is to create a community of spiritual growth, prayer and encouragement that supports women growing closer in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other.  We understand the value of godly relationships and strive to provide an environment which promotes authentic Christian friendships and intimacy.  It is our heart’s desire and deepest prayer that every woman who participates in this bible study will experience the life changing power of God’s truth as it is practically applied to their lives.  Join us as we come together to seek, share and celebrate God’s activity in our lives.  All women ages 18 and up are welcome.

Women’s Bible study takes place on Wednesday mornings from 10:00am - 11:30am.  For more information email .


Cancellation Reminder

If Lakota Local Schools are delayed or cancelled on Wednesday's, our bible study will  be cancelled.

Scholarships Available

It's our desire that no one be excluded from the study of God's Word because of financial limitations.  We would love to give your request for scholarship our careful consideration.  You will be contacted by someone on the Women's Leadership Team regarding your request.  Please provide the following information:  Do you need scholarship for Study materials?  Childcare?  Both?

Bible Study Guidelines

Below you will find some guidelines which will help this time together run smoothly and allow us to explore and experience the work of the Holy Spirit.

  • Arrive and be ready to begin at 10:00 each Wednesday morning.
  • Please have your lessons finished, to the best of your ability, before you come.
  • Come prepared to discuss the insights the Holy Spirit has given to you during your week of study at home.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  However, sharing is strictly voluntary.
  • Cancellation: If Lakota Local Schools are delayed or cancelled for any reason, bible study will  be cancelled.
  • Please silence cell phones each week as you come into study.  If you are expecting a call that cannot be missed, please be sure to set your phone to vibrate.

Small Group Discussion Guidelines

  • A notebook will be provided for prayer requests
  • Please remember everything shared and prayed about in your discussion group is confidential and should not be discussed with those outside your group, including spouses.
  • We are here to study the Bible, not discuss denominational differences.  If questions arise which are outside the scope of what is being studied, please ask them after class.
  • Please keep your answers brief so that everyone has the opportunity to share if they want to.
  • Please keep your answers relevant to the subject being discussed.  Tangents are fascinating, but take away from the time we have in class.
  • When sharing about experiences, there is to be absolutely no mention of names or denominations.  We do not want to offend or gossip about anyone.
  • Please be respectful of other’s comments.
  • Remember to pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and understanding, each day before your study time and before each class.

Childcare During Bible Study

If you need childcare, please contact Michelle Schlueter at 954.937.6933 or