BANNER Domestic Missions

Domestic Missions



Cincinnati Christian University

Cincinnati Christian University’s mission is to build Christian leaders, one person at a time, to serve the church and shape the world. CCU began on September 23, 1924 to meet a need – to prepare ministers and church workers for the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.  In 1924 the number one priority was training preachers.  That goal remains the same.  Preacher training remains a primary objective for both the college and seminary, now complemented by additional degree programs in education, psychology, and counseling.


Today’s headlines underscore the need to support CCU.  How do we stem the onrush of violence, reverse the decline of western culture, the deterioration of our families, and the destruction of our youth?  Capable preachers, leaders, teachers, fathers and mothers, will take the gospel into neighborhoods, schools, offices, restaurants and homes.


Where are the leaders of tomorrow?  They are in the classrooms, dormitories, dining hall and worship center of CCU (and other Christian Colleges) preparing for ministry.


CCU alumni number in the thousands.  Since 1924 members of the CBC&S family have been spanning the globe with the good news of the gospel.  To borrow a phrase from the heyday of the British Empire, the sun never sets on CCU graduates.  They are scattered throughout the world, still faithful to the churches and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. 




Restoration House Ministries


A church-planting organization in the New England area that CPCC is proud to support for the first time in 2011!  Check out their website to learn more. 



Team Expansion Enlarge the Harvest SMALL

Team Expansion: Enlarge the Harvest


Team Expansion sends & sustains missionary teams to plant churches among unreached people groups worldwide.  It supports International Services & their sending base at Emerald Hills in Louisville, Kentucky.  Team Expansion raises up and trains new missionaries, and they provide long-term member care and strategic accountability for over 300 full-time workers in nearly 50 countries through the globe.  



Hope Inner City SMALL

Team Expansion: Hope Inner City &       State Avenue Church of Christ


State Avenue Church of Christ was planted by Cincinnati Christian University students in the 1960’s.  It has been ministering to Lower Price Hill and the surrounding communities for many years without having any paid staff or full-time workers.  In 2005, Hope Inner City joined with State Avenue Church of Christ in order to help with full-time workers, hoping to strengthen its ministries and outreach.   Since 2005, the church has seen a steady growth in both attendance and volunteers.  The church has seen enough growth to hold Sunday church services in a larger building in the same Lower Price Hill neighborhood in order to accomodate this growth.  Currently Jade & Kim Kendall work with JP & Chloe Glenn as Team Expansion missionaries in Cincinnati to encourage the desire of native inner city residents to become State Avenue Church leaders and to follow up by discipling and training them to do their own ministries. 



Woodland Lakes SMALL

Woodland Lakes Christian Camp &     Retreat Center


Woodland Lakes is first and foremost a summer campground.  Student summer camp has always been their reason for existence.  The camp debuted in 1954 with a commitment to excellence in Christian camping.  It has been a place for thousands of kids to spend many wonderful summers of playing, praying and strengthening their walk with Christ.  Their mission is for each student to know and grow in Christ, build friendships, enjoy the outdoors, and become happy with whom God has made them to be.


WCPCC has also built a Missions cabin to provide housing to missionary families on furlough during the summer.  The missionaries have free housing and are able to share their experiences first-hand with the summer campers.  This enables the campers the opportunity to broaden their scope of world missions as they spend a portion of each day listening to the missionaries talk about their life/mission.


God has blessed WCPCC with the people and resources to make sure each camper has the occasion to be introduced to our Savior and the opportunity to grow in his or her relationship with Christ.


Many of our own students have the opportunity to attend WCPCC each year.  We have also used the retreat facilities for Elder/Staff retreat and our Worship Ministry retreat.  These are excellent facilities if your ABF or small groups would like to schedule a retreat.