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Christian Missionary Fellowship (CMF) Great Britain

Larry & Debbie Kinneman


Larry and Debbie and their family arrived in Great Britain in 1993 to work with teammates in developing leadership and spiritual maturity in a new church plant – Bromsgrove Christian Church in Birmingham. After four years, the church was able to stand on its own, a totally British church.


After a one-year furlough, the Kinemans returned to England in 1998 to begin a new church in the city of Worcester, a beautiful old city of about 100,000 people where only 2 to 3 percent of the population attends church. They have partnered with a local congregation that had been praying about a potential new church plant, and launched Sunday services at Manor Park Church in 2000. Larry has preached, provided guidance and direction since. Manor Park recently hired a British minister, so the Kinemans will be completing their work with that congregation.


Larry also directs basketball programs in the community, speaks at various churches and schools, leads youth programs and activities. Debbie is involved in children’s Sunday school and ladies’ ministries, and helps with various youth and adult activities. Together with new teammates, the Littens, they are laying the groundwork for a new church plant in Warndon Village, a suburb of Worcester.


Contact the Kinemans’ at:
16 Dunmow Ave.
Harley Bakewell
Worcester WR4 ONR England




Christian Missionary Fellowship (CMF) Ethiopia

Jake & Erin Moore


Jake and Erin Moore are missionaries, joining a church-planting team that is working with an unreached tribal group in Ethiopia, known as the Gumuz.


The Gumuz tribe lives in remote Northwest Ethiopia, just north of the Blue Nile River.  There are close to 300,000 people that live in this area that have never heard the good news of Jesus Christ.  They have been successfully preaching and making disciples in this region since January, 2007.


Contact the Moore's at:
P.O. Box 2920
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
East Africa 




Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism - FAME


FAME exits to spread the fame of Jesus Christ to all nations through medical evangelism.  This Mission seeks to lead people to Christ and meet real physical needs by partnering with other Mission organizations worldwide to deliver a unique combination of medical mission services providing:

  • Desperately needed medical facilities
  • Life saving and sustaining medicines & medical supplies
  • Hands-on care through medically focused short-term missions trips
  • Partnering with missionaries and ministries which specifically focus on evangelism is FAME's
  • Foundational practice. FAME reaches people all over the globe in places such as Albania,
  • Ghana, India, Zimbabwe, Panama, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ukraine, and others.


Fame offers many opportunities for involvement through administrative support and warehouse stocking help in Indianapolis, Cardboard Pharmacy Projects (collection of vitamins and OTC medicines) and prayer partnership here at home, and participation in short-term mission trips abroad.


Contact Fame at:

4545 Southeastern Ave.
Indianapois, In 46203
Phone:  317.358.2480
Fax:  317.358.2483
Rick Wolford, Executive Director
Lonnie Burley, Short-term trip Coordinator 



Herko Family Missions SMALL

Herko Family Mission - Jamaica, West Indies

Herko Family Mission is an evangelistic mission organization that seeks to mobilize forces at home and abroad to facilitate the establishment of new churches throughout Jamaica.


Immediate Plans and Goals:

  • Work with the new church plant in the densely populated city of Old Harbour
  • Build an educational building and sanctuary
  • Conduct evangelistic tent meetings
  • Develop local leadership for the new congregations
  • Continue the work team ministry


Long Range Plans and Goals:

  • The Old Harbour church is to be self-supporting.
  • Establish new churches in other strategic locations throughout Jamaica to reach the lost. Eleven other large cities in Jamaica have no Christian Church.
  • Continue to use the work team ministry to continue to assist in the planting and evangelizing of the communities.


Ways to Immediately Partner with this Mission:

  • Church of Christ at Old Harbour - Pre-School/Kindergarten Building:
    • Checks for this project should be made out to "Herko Family Mission", memo line "Christian Pre-School/Kindergarten" and mailed to:
      • Herko Family Mission, P.O. Box 910933, Lexington, KY 40591.
  • Herko Family Mission - Childhood Education Sponsorship Program:
    • Checks for this project should be made out to "Herko Family Mission", memo line "Childhood Education Sponsorship Program" and mailed to:
      • Herko Family Mission, P.O. Box 910933, Lexington, KY 40591.
  • Basketball Court Project:
    • Checks for this project should be made payable to "Herko Family Mission", memo line "Basketball Court" but these checks should be mailed to:
      • Mark Roberts, 7275 Wethersfield Drive, West Chester, OH 45069.



His Eyes SMALL

His Eyes


Trevor and Valerie Colby are missionaries working in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. Their ministry, His Eyes, encompasses a variety of activities, staff, and individuals all with different methods but with the same end goal: sharing Christ’s love with the world, and leading the lost to Christ.


The mission was started with general medical work in 1994 associated with Iglesia Cristiana Cuerpo de Cristo (Body of Christ Christian Church).


It is still associated with the church today and sits on the same property. Starting in 2001, short term groups of volunteers from the USA have participated in the mission which has allowed the mission to expand beyond medical work and reach into many different areas of mission work throughout Honduras.


A partnership was formed with Master Provisions for a clothing ministry. Five clothing stores have opened in Tegucigalpa which offer an opportunity for ministering through inexpensive clothing. A computer school for those who want basic to slightly advanced computer knowledge has also opened through the donations of used computers. This school serves great outreach potential in a community where having your own computer is rare at best. Plus, the medical/dental/optometry clinic continues to expand in its scope and number of patients seen.


The mission has also placed and oversees a church plant in the rural town of San Juancito, approximately one hour from Tegucigalpa. Presently, the mission is working with other Body of Christ Christian Churches throughout Honduras to plant additional churches in towns and villages that are virtually unchurched.


Contact the Colby's at:

Trevor and Valerie Colby
2946 Avenida Enrique Tierno Galvan
Colonia Las Lomas de Guijarro
Tegucigalpa Honduras



SMALL IN Network

I.N. Network - Ghana

Brain Sevor


International Needs Ghana is an affiliate of a global organization, International Needs Network, which operates in 38 countries in Africa, Asia, America, Australia and Europe.  We are partnered with a church planter in Ghana by the name of Brain Sevor.


Brain’s work involves gathering converts into congregations for the perfecting work of redemption in their lives.  This is accomplished by consistent teaching, training, and maturing, with the goal of reflecting the kingdom of God.  Brain is one of a team of church planters in Ghana who have planted 78 churches with over 200,000 souls reached with the gospel of Christ. 


Brain has recently planted two churches in gospel-destitute villages, and in doing so, has won men, women and children to Jesus.  His reach is ever-increasing, as Brain is one of the few church planters who has been blessed to have a motor bike, sourced by Center Pointe, which empowers him to travel among several communities. 



Tavriski Christian Institute SMALL

Tavriski Christian Institute


A conservative evangelical seminary located in the Ukraine which educates students from Kherson, Nikolayev, Kirovograd, Sumy, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, Zhitomir, Vinnitsa, Kiev Regions, Crimea and also Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Israel. Check out their website and make sure to click on the "ENG" in the top right-hand corner so that you can read it in English!




TCM International Institute


TCM (Training Christians for Ministry) International Institute prepares men and women for Christian leadership and provides benevolent assistance in Eastern Europe.  The Institute is based at "Haus Edelweiss," approximately 25 kilometers southwest of Vienna, Austria, near the village of Heiligenkreuz.  The Institute offers a structured program of study taught in English and several other translated languages.  Over 600 students come from various denominational backgrounds and draw from over 20 different countries in the former Soviet Block.  They serve churches, schools, agencies, organizations, and communities.