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Milestone Events

Milestones are events that mark and celebrate a significant moment or change in a person’s story.  Of all the moments to celebrate, these are the moments that matter most. They are the milestones… they happen only once in a person’s life… they happen on a specific day.  In NextGen Ministries, we mark and celebrate milestones through five transitional phases of a child’s life.


BEGINNING celebrating the first chapter of life

Baby Celebration

The beginning of a child’s life is a time for parents to identify their community, to surround themselves with support, and to imagine the end for their child.  Baby Celebration is a moment in time when parents publicly commit to parenting with the future faith of their child in mind.  We are honored to partner with you from the very beginning of your journey as parents. We want to be a consistent source of encouragement, strength, and resources as you raise your child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We want parents to look back at this milestone as a significant beginning in this journey.


WISDOM celebrating the potential to discover & learn

Preview Day

New beginnings are opportunities to celebrate accomplishments and tell stories that highlight a child’s growing character.  We know discovery and learning happen best in environments designed to engage a child in their phase of life.  That’s why we celebrate as a child transitions to a new NextGen environment.  Preview Day is a unique opportunity in the spring for a child to take a sneak peek into the next environment they will move to in the fall.

  • Kindergarteners will preview The Backyard
  • Third Graders will preview The Loft
  • Fifth and Sixth Graders will preview CPSM 


FAITH celebrating the decision to follow Christ

Footprints of Faith

Footprints of Faith is a fun event designed for families to hear about God’s free gift of salvation for each one of us.  We will dig into God’s Word to see what God says about baptism.  We will talk about:

  • Our perfect God
  • How much He loves us
  • Our problem with SIN
  • God’s gift to us
  • The Cross
  • How we accept this gift from God 

There will be worship, games and a large group presentation.  Kids will go into another room to complete an activity while parents have a Q&A time.  Families will be given materials to use after the class for at home discussions. 

If you have questions, please contact Tammy Phillips at  or                                      call 513.779.8800 ext. 114.


IDENTITY celebrating the journey toward adulthood

Middle School MOVE

This coming-of-age celebration brings intentional affirmation as a child moves into their middle school years.  It’s an opportunity to identify critical influences in the life of a preteen, to surround them with support, and to imagine the end.  This celebration is a moment in time when parents and adult leaders affirm a preteen and begin sharing the secrets of living an adult life with faith and character.


Middle School Move is a milestone event designed for this year's 5th/6th graders and their parents to celebrate a big turning point moment in their story.  Big moments are an opportunity to celebrate our history, clarify our present and imagine our future.


Email with any questions about this event.


GRADUATION celebrating the transition toward vocation & career

Senior Recognition

The end of basic education marks the end of a significant era in a person’s life.  Graduation is a moment in time when parents re-tell the stories of the phases of a teenager’s life.  It’s a moment to identify core relationships that will advance with a teenager as they transition toward a new life with vocation and career.  Our church community celebrates our high school graduates at the end of the school year.