What is One:2:One?

We are a ministry for children to meet specific needs that cannot be easily met in a typical NextGen environment while encouraging inclusion within programming in NextGen Ministries.


We meet families where they are and partner with parents to provide a safe and loving environment for their child, allowing them to participate in worship and community. We work closely with each family to determine the needs of the child and provide a trained “Buddy” who will ensure your child has the best experience possible in our Sunday morning programming.

Why is One:2:One Significant?

We understand families with kids who have unique needs. One:2:One allows parents to gain spiritual nourishment and have opportunity for community by going to worship knowing their child is loved and respected.

What about my child’s safety and security?

All of our One:2:One leaders have completed an application process, including a background check because we want you to feel safe when leaving your child in our care. Additionally, leaders receive training on safety guidelines and emergency procedures.

How to Begin?

Step 1:  To learn more about our ministry, contact Mandy Kylander at .


Step 2:  The One:2:One Coordinator will contact you to arrange an initial meeting.  We'll listen to your needs and ask questions to ensure we establish the most appropriate care for your child.  It is our desire to provide the best care we can for you and your child.


Step 3:  We'll prayerfully develop an individual ministry plan tailored especially for your child.  We'll arrange a trained "buddy" who will ensure your child has the best experience possible in our Sunday morning programming.

What if I still have questions?

We’re happy to answer more of your questions regarding any of our environments. For more information, please contact us at .