Sending a student on a student ministry trip with small group leaders and friends is a great way to add momentum to a student's faith journey.  When a parent says YES to a student ministry trip, it sets that student up to take time away from normal life rhythms and pressures.  It allows them space to hear from God and build meaningful relationships through fun times and shared challenges and experiences.  NextGen Ministry organizes trips to partner with parents in providing great faith-building opportunities for their student.


2017 High School Summer Camp

For students entering 9th grade through graduating Seniors 


  • Cedarville University - Cedarville, OH
  • Limited 54 spots
  • Total trip cost $350
  • $100 non refundable deposit with registration
  • Balance due May 1
    • Scholarships available, contact

AND THEN . . .

Sometimes you’re caught off guard. Life is going the way it’s supposed to go AND THEN...


The unexpected happens, and you realize nothing is what you thought it would be. Sometimes you struggle to live up to your word and feel condemned by your failures. You’re terrified of what you know you should do – convinced the task is too great and your influence too small AND THEN...


You come face-to-face with genuine love and acceptance you didn’t think was possible. You experience a power that is unstoppable.



  Parent Info Letter





MOVE Is ... from Christ In Youth on Vimeo.