Sending a student on a student ministry trip with small group leaders and friends is a great way to add momentum to a student's faith journey.  When a parent says YES to a student ministry trip, it sets that student up to take time away from normal life rhythms and pressures.  It allows them space to hear from God and build meaningful relationships through fun times and shared challenges and experiences.  NextGen Ministry organizes trips to partner with parents in providing great faith-building opportunities for their student.



The WEiRD Retreat is built around connecting 5th and 6th graders to their identity in Jesus Christ, connecting them to their local church and to other preteens across the city.


Have you ever had the thought, “What good am I?” or “Who needs God anyway?” or “What will God change if I put my faith in Him?”?  We are going to find out that God changes us from the INSIDE OUT.


Check out for more information and sign-up for this life-changing experience. Registration opens July 1, 2017.


WHEN:  September 29-30, 2017

WHERE:  Camp Kern

WHO:  5th and 6th Graders