BANNER Operations Ministry



The Mission of Center Pointe Christian Church is to be disciples who Love God Radically, Serve Others Compassionately, and Lead People to Jesus.  The Operations Ministry at CPCC exists to support that Mission by diligently taking care of the resources with which God has blessed our church.


If you have been looking for a way to serve at CPCC, but don’t want Justin to feel bad because of how good you sing, or you don’t want Shawn to be embarrassed by your presentation abilities, then we have a spot for you!  Our desire at CPCC is that our families serve on mission together.  Many of the areas below are service opportunities for your family to do together on a regular basis.  Check them out and let us know where you would like to serve!


Director of Operations:  Ryan M. White

Operations Team Leaders:  Ashley Asher, Jeff Asher, Cameron Laughlin, Jeff Schlueter, Rob Williams



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Baptistry Cleaning

Monthly testing of the baptistry chemicals and cleaning once a quarter.


Ceiling Tiles

Monthly check and replacement of damaged ceiling tiles.


Door Hardware Maintenance

Monthly check of all door hardware. Fix/replace as needed.


Equipment Manager

Evaluate operations equipment (vacuums, etc.) monthly for functionality.



Monthly check and replacement of lightbulbs.


Paint Touch Up

Monthly walk through of building to patch and paint any minor wall issues.

Window Cleaning

Monthly cleaning and maintenance of windows, not on the regular cleaning rotation, inside and outside of the building.


Campus Cleanup

Once a month walk of the property to pick up any trash/debris.


Sunday Setup

Monthly check of Worship Center Chairs and order of the public areas of the building.


Evergreen Tree Maintenance

Twice a year (Spring and Fall) remove and dispose of debris under CPCC's evergreen trees.


Parking Lot Safety

As Needed winter watch over snow and ice in the parking lot during services.


Emergency Response Team  (CPCC partnership required)

Monthly rotation on Sunday mornings for availability in helping to address safety issues.


Medical Response Team  (CPCC partnership required)

Monthly rotation on Sunday mornings for availability in addressing medical issues.


Nightly Lock-Up  (CPCC partnership required)

One night a week walk the building for a safety check and arm the building for the night.



Help with oversight of CPCC network, administrative it, children’s check-in, etc.