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Our mission begins by relying on the Holy Spirit, and one of our core values here is to be completely dependent on prayer.  This means that we want to rely on prayer to seek the Holy Spirit's guidance, provision, and power in all we do.  Below you'll find some ways we as a large community engage in to prayer together.


Prayer Wall

The Prayer Wall is designed to promote prayer at CPCC.  It provides us with an opportunity to join with one another as we petition God for healing, hope, help, and to share his blessings and answered prayers.  We encourage you to post as much as you would like, pray for the requests that are always here (remembering to click on I Prayed for this), and direct others here to join in the prayers.


  Prayer Wall


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Prayer on Sundays

After every worship service, our worship team will be down in front of the stage to pray and encourage anyone who comes forward.  Maybe you have a pressing need that morning or maybe you simply need to know someone's praying for you and can relate to you.  Whatever it is, after each worship service, you are welcome to come down front and receive prayer and encouragement from one of our band members or vocalists from that morning.

The Prayer Experience

Please take the next 35 minutes to remember who it is God made you to be.  Reflect, open your heart, and hear what God is saying to you.


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