BANNER Community Needs List

Community Needs List

 Specific Criteria

  • Provision for needs is intended to show the love Christ has for the community, much the same way believers in Acts 2 shared with everyone in need.  Our interactions with those struggling will always point to Christ and the Church for credit and not individuals.  Whenever possible, prayer will be had with anybody we assist through this ministry.
  • All requests should meet a physical need within our community- our greatest sphere of influence being within 15 minutes of CPCC.
  • Need requests should directly affect those outside of the CPCC church community, unconnected to Christ and/or our church.  (note: there may be some exceptions to this for instance:  foster or adoptive parents within CPCC may request needs as often as necessary because the donations directly affect the well being of children not within our church body)
  • Requests must be submitted through  .  All need requests will be filtered through this criteria by volunteers and/or staff.   We reserve the right to add, edit, exclude or delete requests as we diligently work to keep them fair and accomplishable.
  • We will broadcast requests for time and resources such as labor, transportation, goods, clothing, diapers, formula, school supplies & furniture.  These requests will exclude any funds or monetary donations with the exception of an occasional informational update about support for our partnering organizations.  The CNL is not financial in nature.
  • Many of our requests will be purposed to help assist our ministry partnering organizations with drives for clothing, food, diapers, formula; assistance with facility maintenance or improvement and volunteer recruitment.
  • Need requests will be broadcasted in a timely manner, usually within one day.  However, we will keep close watch on the volume of needs we disperse, preferably no more than 3-4 per week.  Therefore, we may delay some requests in order to not overwhelm our participants, meaning…
    • Needs that come from our partnering organizations will take priority. (i.e. a request for school supplies from two different elementary schools at the same time would mean our partnering school would take priority)
    • Needs with greater urgency will take priority during periods of high request  (i.e. requests to help meet basic needs like food, clothing, shelter of individuals or certain emergency situations)
    • Requests of larger scale will take precedence over smaller ones (i.e. a request for a bike for one foster child may be delayed if we have a request for multiple items for another foster situation etc.)
  • Community Needs list participants can unsubscribe at any point should they want to do so.  Their name will be removed from our contact list as soon as our volunteer staff is able.
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