BANNER Prayer Wall

Prayer Wall


Welcome to our Prayer Wall.  On this page you can submit a prayer request, a prayer of thanksgiving, or share an answered prayer with our entire church community.  Social media has allowed us to update our friends minute by minute on the "most important & interesting" of life's details (what kind of coffee we're having, where we're eating, how awesome we look in our new shirt, etc.).  We decided to take this idea and use it for a greater purpose.  With the Prayer Wall, you can instantly share requests and praises together and then see in real time that you're actually being prayed for.  It's sort of a social media of prayer for our community.


One of the best things about this is that it's super easy for everyone to use.  Just click on "Share Your Prayer Request" to get started.  Or scroll down and begin praying for others.  Don't forget to click "I Prayed For This" so they know you're praying for them.


If you have questions, there is a Prayer Wall FAQ page we think might help as you begin to use this.


Prayer Wall content is not immune to web search engines, like Google.  Please keep this in mind when using full names.


  Prayer Wall FAQs