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Prayer Wall FAQs


Here are some FAQs we think might help as you begin to use The Prayer Wall.


Prayer Wall content is not immune to web search engines, like Google.  Please keep this in mind when using full names.


1.  How do I know when someone prays for me?

You can choose to be notified so that you know when people pray for you.  Every time someone clicks "I Prayed For This" you'll receive an email to let you know.


2.  Can I use this for urgent requests, from wherever I am?

Yes!  You can use this from your cell phone and iPad.  Got a meeting at work in an hour that you want prayer for?  Post it from wherever you are and know you're being lifted up.


3.  Can I update those who've been praying for me to let them know our prayers were answered?

ABSOLUTELY!!!  We want you to post answered prayers and updates here!  We want to celebrate together as we pray for one another.


4.  What if I don't want to post my request publicly, but still need prayer?

We know that some prayer requests are more private.  You can submit a request here and click "DO NOT Share This".  Your private request will then be sent to our Prayer Team and Elders, and will NOT be posted publicly.


5.  Does my request get posted immediately?

Almost.  Your request will be sent to us, and we will then post it immediately.  This is to prevent spam from being posted.


If you have more questions feel free to email us at  .  Be sure to check out our Prayer Ministry page for more information about prayer here at Center Pointe.


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