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Brent Carter

CP Adults Director

Brent has been a member of Center Pointe since 2000. As a volunteer, he has served in many capacities, including usher, teacher, strategic leader, consultant, and coach. He supported church leadership as Interim Operations Director in early 2021 and came on staff as Executive Director of Ministry Services in March 2021. Currently, Brent has responsibility for the adult ministry areas as CP Adults Director. He has extensive business experience in multiple industries and was an executive coach/consultant for 10+ years prior to joining the Center Pointe staff.

Brent has been a professed Christian for most of his life but became a committed Christ follower through his spiritual journey here at Center Pointe. He believes that ministry can happen anywhere with anyone. God will provide those opportunities; we just have to be observant and obedient to His prompting. Brent clearly knows that God called him out of the corporate world to Center Pointe to use his experience here to further our mission.

Brent's wife and best friend, Betsy, has been a life-changing partner for him and a loving mother to their kids, Lindsay, Adam, and Taylor (all launched and off the payroll). "Pops," as he is known by his three grandkids, finds joy in spending time with them. His interests include outdoor activities (hiking, water skiing, rollerblading, cornhole), engaging in leadership conversations, and developing others. He is also a ready and willing euchre partner.

Brent Carter
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