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Casey Southard

Maintenance Technician

Casey and his wife Becca were both born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio. Since marrying in 2007 they have lived in Arkansas and Florida before returning to Hamilton in 2018. Together they have one daughter, Reagan who loves tumbling and Skyline. Reagan and Becca have been training in karate together and soon will have their black belts! Casey loves to fish and would like to have more time to enjoy fishing. If you are looking for a book recommendation, Becca averages 80 books a year! Their sweet family also includes a cat named Winston.

Casey and his family started attending CPCC in 2018 and became members in 2023. Before joining the staff team 2023, Casey served as a check-in volunteer and currently serves as a small group leader in the Student Ministry.

Casey has a diverse background. His education includes an Associate of New Testament Students and a Bachelor of Ministry and Old Testament Studies. He is also a certified aviation mechanic and private pilot. Casey has worked in various ministry and missions positions using his many talents.

Casey came to faith in Christ at seven years old at Immanuel Baptist Church in Hamilton. He says he lived like a goof-ball through his teens and early 20s before the Lord pulled Casey back to himself in 1997. Salvation then became a ‘who’ as opposed to a ‘what’ and he began to walk with the Lord and has never been the same since that decision. He loves that his job at CPCC gives him the opportunity to help other staff members & volunteers serve the Lord.

Casey Southard
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