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Caysie Prewitt

CP Childcare Coordinator

Caysie was born and raised in central Ohio, where she grew up in the local church. She was baptized at 11 years old. Since her baptism Caysie’s faith and relationship with Christ have grown through mission trips and Bible studies.

Caysie and her husband Matt married in 2016. They have since added two kiddos, Eli & Scarlett as well as two cats, Jett & Cooper. Their family relocated to the Cincinnati area in 2019. Caysie & Matt have been members of Center Pointe since 2023 and Caysie joined the staff team in 2024. She serves as a pre-school small group leader and also homeschools Eli and Scarlett.

The Prewitt family likes to play games together, swim, go on walks and watch movies. Caysie also enjoys reading. She loves knowing that her efforts as our CP Childcare Coordinator ultimately allows parents to receive uninterrupted time to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Caysie Prewitt
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