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Kelsey Helton

Communication Director

Kelsey and her husband, Nick, have been married since 2015 after falling in love directing a production of ‘Phantom of the Opera’. They both grew up on the westside of Cincinnati and their families think they moved to other side of the world now that they live in Fairfield Township.

A year into marriage, the Lord called Nick and Kelsey into fostering children as a ministry to share the Gospel with broken and hurting families. They have since added five children, Gage, Samara, Nate, Edison and Corinth, to their family by adoption through foster care. All five were adopted in a three year period - it has been a roller coaster journey for the Helton family! Macy the lapdog, the first Helton baby who is largely emotionally neglected now, rounds out their current family.

Kelsey and her family started attending CPCC in 2021 and became members a few months later in 2022. They got plugged in by hosting their weekly small group at their home and love the opportunity to demonstrate hospitality to their children. Kelsey joined the CPCC staff in 2023. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and History. She worked at their previous church in a similar role as well as at Hope’s Closet as the Director of Community Engagement.

Kelsey encountered Jesus for the first time as a lost 13 year old girl. She was desperately seeking truth by reading 1 Corinthians (this is where her youngest received her name, Corinth) when the Lord revealed himself. She got involved in Young Life in high school, where she was discipled and started sharing her faith with her friends. On the rare occasion of a date night, Nick and Kelsey still love to frequent the theater. Kelsey loves to read, particularly historical fiction, history, and true crime. She also loves a good podcast, so send any recommendations her way!

Kelsey Helton
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